VHRS™ Discord Support

     What is "virtual reenactment"?
vir-tu-al re-en-act-ment (noun): 1. the acting out of a past event in a virtual simulation.

What is VHRS™? The Virtual Historical Reenactment Society, is a combined library of organizations that participate in military simulation or "realism" in first person shooter video games. The purpose is to bring history to the forefront; to young generations and history buffs of all ages. VHRS™ acts as a hub for all units to schedule events and coordinate larger turn outs. Post Scriptum is not the only game VHRS™ supports. All classes of units who play other games are encouraged to enroll!

How to enroll? Enrollment is presently closed due to construction of the website. VHRS™ is pulling together coders, designers, and technicians from several existing units in order to better build the system. As a new unit is discovered online, they are added to the database. However, only through enrollment, will a unit leader be able to receive access to mark dates on the calendar. The Enrollment Form will request info such as; Unit's Name, Date of Activation, Leadership, Contact, and a brief description along with their official logo in PNG format.

What is the meaning of the VHRS™ Shield? The gold metal shield refers to the solid union between registered units and the defense of historical content; the quill & ink represent everyone's persistent drive to gain knowledge & share it; the hand holding the torch sits behind them to symbolize the burning of friendly competition as the fuel keeping virtual reenactment in existence.